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LED Linear Light

LED Linear Light

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LED Linear Light

slim linear light for cabinet

slim linear light for cabinet LS1213

-Seamless Design illumination,linked end to end 

-super slim linear LED with standard output 

-Spot-free opal diffuser

-wireless design and soldering-free. 

-Quick onnector, linkable with unique snap-together connector -multiple LED light module for seamless extension

-L / T / X jointer for easy configuration

-Max 10m uninterrupted and uniform light per run without voltage drop.

-Invisible install clip and  magnetic installation

 -Dimmable with available accessories 

    quick connection for endless jointing without wire and without soldering

    Slim seamless led linear light Size (mm)

    01:  L100xW12.5xH13.5mm

    02:  L192xW12.5xH13.5mm

    03:  L285xW12.5xH13.5mm

    04:  L565xW12.5xH13.5mm

    05:  L845xW12.5xH13.5mm

    06:  L1123xW12.5xH13.5mm

    Accessory for seamless linear light LS1213:


     seamless jointing max 10meter length without voltage drop. (one side power)

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