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What’s led strip without resistors?

Time:2019-06-18 Views:1608

What’s ic built in led strip?

What’s led strip without resistors?


Ledhome with rich experienced engineer have developed the led strip without risistors. Checking the led strip, there is only led on the flexible FPC board. In each circuit of led, there is IC built inside the led, each IC will ensure each pcs led working in same current to achieve 100% same brightness for each led, same brightness from the begin to the end of led strip at max length 30meter if one end powered in with driver. ledhome strip factory has an purpose to save the cost for clients and end users, so that we have listed on this series of led strip for market, high stability and reaibility. competitive price with high light efficacy, which could reach  120lm/w at cri 95. and we do not need worry about the voltage drop at 10meter, 15meter and 30meter length if driver from one end.

Why choose ic built in led strip?

Why choose the strip without resistors?

ledhome ic built in led strip advantages:

1. Decrease the adventure of damaging the resistors if outside onto the PCB.

2. Ensure each led working in same current for longer lifetime.

3. Same brightness on both ends even running long length (e.g. ledhome strip Length 30meter power in one side)

4. Cost saving for constant current led strip.

5. Wide choice for voltage from 12v-48v.  

6. Flexible choice for your led driver from 12v-48vany your 24v, 36v, 48v driver could work with our 12v ic built in led strip.

7. Built-in Constant Current IC can assure each LED working under same current even with fluctuant input voltage

8. max density 300led/meter, other choice for ledhome ic built in led strips: 60led, 80led,90led, 120led, 128led, 240led and 300led per meter.

9. 10meter without voltage drop, 15meter without voltage drop, 20meter without voltage drop, 30meter without voltage drop.